I don’t know if anyone will read this, but it’s ok...
Hey guys, I'm very sad to say that I disabled this blog. Were great these six months I spent with you, but I'm not having more time to come in here and post as before, as you saw...
No, I'm not going to stop editing at any time, photography is my life, I will continue editing the photos of Miley, and several other artists, but I'll just post everything on my personal blog.
I confess that another reason for me to be doing it, I can’t achieve the success I hoped that here. So I'm abandoning it.
I’d like to thank for every follow received, every ask, every reblog, everything was very gratifying to me, really.
For who want to continue keeping contact with me, here is my personal blog, click here. And all the pictures of Miley are on this link, the "inspiration" from menu.

Send me an ask, with your opinion about how was my blog here, or anything else!

You marked my life, you and others from my Selena Gomez's blog.

Love you all!
Thank you for everything, really.

Love Always, Carla Brehmer.